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Exclude drafts from production in Gatsby

Kyle Mathews who created Gatsby started a discussion about how to exclude files during the build process for the production version of a site. You might want to do this if you have some blog posts lying around that are in a draft state and not ready for prime time yet. The question was asked way back in Sep 2015 but hasn’t resulted in a canonical solution, unfortunately.

Alexander Bradley and David Poindexter both proposed solutions that filter posts with a frontmatter property published (or that don’t have a property draft, if you prefer) in gatsby-node.js. In my opinion, this comes with some downsides.

When filtering out draft content for the production build, it’s best to do so as close to the source as possible. There might be multiple places where draft content shows up on your site and if you don’t do the filtering until you’ve reached gatsby-node’s page creation, you would have to implement the filtering in all of these places individually. For blog posts that might be your blog’s index page and/or landing page that displays a list of most recent posts. This leads to verbosity and, if you forget a place, might leak your draft content.

If the content is part of the site’s repo, a solution that avoids these problems is to use gatsby-source-filesystem’s ignore option. You could add a prefix such as draft- to all files containing draft content and combine that with

  resolve: `gatsby-source-filesystem`,
  options: {
    path: `${__dirname}/content`,
    ignore: process.env.NODE_ENV === `production` && [`**/draft-*`]

Then, once the content is ready to be published, simply remove the file’s draft- prefix and build.

An advantage of this approach is that it works with both files and folders. If you want to exclude multiple files, simply add the prefix to the parent directory. For instance, you could have a permanent drafts folder and move posts in and out of this folder as needed. In that case, you’d replace [`**/draft-*`] with [`**/posts/drafts`]

You can then also prevent those files from cluttering up your git tracker by adding this directory to your .gitignore.

# draft posts

Other options?

Another cool solution would have been to completely delete the nodes corresponding to draft content right when Gatsby creates them. However, actions.deleteNode doesn’t seem to be supported inside exports.onCreateNode.

exports.onCreateNode = ({ node, actions }) => {
  if (
    process.env.NODE_ENV === `production` &&
    node.frontmatter &&
    actions.deleteNode({ node })